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Finding the Best Property Deals

So you have decided that you want to invest your money in property and the buy to market, despite recent gloominess, looks the way to go. While there have been bumps in the road recently with new government legislation among them, there is still a massive demand for rental properties as people cannot get mortgages and local authority properties are scarce. The first step is getting the best property deal but where should you look?

Traditional routes

For a lot of landlords, the estate agent is still their best friend when it comes to finding the right properties and getting the best deals. So if you plan to buy a property in East London, for example, then you should make contact with East London estate agents. Let them know what kind of property you are looking for, what kind of budget you have and any other information you have – the more they know, the better they can work.

Another traditional route to find the best deals is to look at property auctions. While these might seem outdated in the internet age, they still serve a purpose. If you have the cash ready to go and are willing to do a bit of bidding to get the right property, you can pick up a bargain. Remember these properties often need a bit of work doing to be liveable but if you are up for this, then this is a route to consider.

Modern alternatives

A big growth area in recent years has been the quick sale house company who offer to buy up properties far quicker than an estate agent could manage. The down side of this is that they often get the seller less than the market value. As a buyer, this might mean you can get a bargain with the cost of the house but make sure you are very clear upfront what the company will charge for this service and have all the terms reviewed by a solicitor – there are genuine companies out there in this market but unfortunately also less genuine ones.

The internet is a source for information for every aspect of our lives and finding the best deals on property is one of them. Sign up with all the big names in property sales and register your interest in an area and for buy to let properties. It is similar to working with an estate agent, apart from the fact that you don’t get the face to face service and you can’t sit down with someone in person to review everything.

Buying new properties

Recognising the need for rental properties, some big names in home building have also started to sell properties specifically for the job. Barratt Homes is one example and they have a whole area of their website dedicated to landlords who are looking to buy one of their properties to rent out. They offer various schemes to make this more appealing such as their Leaseback scheme to give guaranteed rental income and this might be a step worth considering for new landlords.



Climb the Stairs to Higher Profits

Staircases are often seen as one of the most functional parts of a house, used to pass between levels.  But there’s nothing that says staircases need to be simply functional and can instead be decorative, unusual or even offer extra benefits.  And with these innovative styles of staircase, you can increase the value of your property, make it more appealing to buyers or even to potential tenants.

Choosing a style of staircase

When you plan to spend money on renovating or changing the staircase in your property, then there are a few things to consider.  The steepness of the stairs is something that can be a big problem for some potential buyers or tenants, especially if they have children or older family members.  A flowing, gentle staircase may be more attractive for these people.

In other homes, the look of the staircase is crucial.  Open plan living is a big trend and this often means that the staircase is in the living room.  Therefore, people are often drawn to styles that look great, allow plenty of light to flow from upstairs and is an attractive feature in the room.

Finally, always consider the safety aspect of any staircase and have it designed by experts.  You need to be certain that it fits within building regulations and offers the safety features you are required to include for rented properties.  Even if you don’t plan to sell the house, you still want to reduce the risk of an accident on the stairs as much as possible by using the right safety elements at all times.  A good staircase designer will flawlessly incorporate these into the design to make them harmonious and equally attractive.

Helical staircases

Helical staircases are often used in apartments, hotels and entrance areas to create a feature of the staircase while using less room than a traditional straight style.  Helical staircases don’t need a newel and there are handrails on both sides.  As well as being circular in shape, they can also be elliptical or oval in shape and the design means you can even have two different designs of helical staircase in the same space.  Experts in making these staircases often offer custom built styles to ensure they exactly match your space.

Metal staircases

Steel & metal staircases have often been associated with functional, exterior styles but the modern variations are also great for indoor areas of the home too.  There are a number of different designs that work in this material including straight, quarter landing and half landing styles and a single area of stairs can be up to 16 in number so can cover a range of spaces.  These materials can result in bespoke staircases that are very modern in appearance and also very strong.

Glass staircases

Cantilever glass staircases are at the very cutting edge of modern looks and offer that almost-invisible style that looks great in modern or recently renovated properties.  These ultra-sleek looking staircases use special glass that is tempered, laminated and chemically treated to make it strong enough for the job and can be combined with steel and metal elements to create the look you want.